Yoga Nidra (LIVE audio recording)

The practices of yoga and meditation are tools that enable us to experience the vastness of the present and soar effortlessly in the future. As a personal offering, I hope you enjoy this LIVE recording of a Yoga Nidra class I taught at Embrace Yoga DC. Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of inducing complete […]

Intentional Love Meditation

V-Day has never been an important day for me as an adult. I’m more of a Birthday/LOVE you year-round with random surprises kind of woman. I often think back to childhood, V-day was exciting because it included everybody…classmates (girls, boys), mom, dad, brothers, grandparents, teachers (school & ballet), and even our dog Rocky! I view […]

30-Minute Morning Yoga Practice + Meditation

Enjoy this 30-minute Yoga and short meditation practice that blends yoga asana, Kundalini Kriyas, and meditation. The video was recorded in Zanzibar, while I was conducting a Healthfulness retreat in Oct 2017. CLICK HERE to join me for our 2018 retreat in Zanzibar:

Holiday Self-Care Collection of Goodies!

Holidays can be a difficult time to navigate your emotions on many levels. Meditation and yoga asana was my saving grace after the deaths of my oldest brother and father. I’m extremely grateful that over the past 20+ years, I’ve had the support of family, friends and of course, my yoga. This year I wanted […]

One Love Fund | Soothing Yoga Practice

Join the NY YOGA LIFE team as we raise funds for areas afflicted by hurricanes and earthquakes over the past few weeks. Along with other yoga teachers in around the United States, I’m offering a short and sweet yoga practice for those unable to attend a live donation class.  Where to donate:  One Love Fund […]