Holiday Self-Care Collection of Goodies!

Holidays can be a difficult time to navigate your emotions on many levels. Meditation and yoga asana was my saving grace after the deaths of my oldest brother and father. I’m extremely grateful that over the past 20+ years, I’ve had the support of family, friends and of course, my yoga. This year I wanted […]

One Love Fund | Soothing Yoga Practice

Join the NY YOGA LIFE team as we raise funds for areas afflicted by hurricanes and earthquakes over the past few weeks. Along with other yoga teachers in around the United States, I’m offering a short and sweet yoga practice for those unable to attend a live donation class.  Where to donate:  One Love Fund […]

Meditation for Yoga Teachers

This meditation was recorded during a training workshop at Savannah Yoga Center. The meditation is the perfect practice for teachers to reflect on what inspired them as students.


This article was written for Nubian Heritage! The saying is true, “I get it from my Momma!” I’ve been blessed to have a beautiful, caring and supportive relationship with my mother. Not only did she teach me a variety of lessons related to living a full life as a dynamic black woman, but she also […]

Hurricane Harvey: Where to Donate

WE are in this together! If you’re outside the affected area, here are options to help our brothers and sisters in Houston and surrounding areas. If you’re in Texas and displaced by the storm, here’s how to get help. This list was obtained from the New York Times!   Local organizations The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund of Houston’s mayor, […]