This article was written for Nubian Heritage!  A few weeks ago I was asked by a high school friend, “What are you doing to look so young? And, girl I know it has to be more than yoga.” In all honesty, she was correct. Looking and feeling vibrant includes a combination of things, but most […]

Yoga for Strength & Focus

I created this flowing yoga practice to improve physical strength in the legs and abs. At the same time, you will establish focus by engaging the body and breath with standing and balancing postures. Take your time and move mindfully. Key Postures High Lunge: Builds strength and stability in the legs, improves balance, strengthens the […]

Yoga for Stress Relief (neck and shoulders)

Here’s a short and simple practice to release tension and stress through your neck and shoulders. In the process, your spine is nourished and the body will feel divine. The practice is a little less than 7-minutes, so it is great to do at your desk, after a busy day, or anytime you need to […]

Chakra Videos: Meditations, Asanas & Kriyas

A few years ago I created these short videos as a way for students to quickly and easily learn about the chakras. You can incorporate any of these techniques into your personal yoga practice. If you are interested in igniting the physical body, stimulating your mental realm, and awakening the soul by honoring the natural flow […]

F.A.B. Life 108 Interview

This interview was conducted my friend and sister Shawna Renee. Listen and enjoy our chat being a #spirituallyFly goddess in the modern world! To live a F.A.B. Life you must create and cultivate a community of like-minded women to guide and support you along your journey. I’ve been fortunate to sit at the feet of […]