Chakra Healing: Body and Soul ~ Guided Meditation Album

Meditation helps you connect to your deeper self, puts you in touch with your confidence, your joy, and your overall self-worth. As it slows down your brainwaves and subdues stress, meditation helps you sleep better, balances your hormones, alkalize your system, regulates your metabolism, reduces fatigue, and alleviates anxiety, depression and negative attitudes. Chakra Healing: […]

Abundance Meditation

Abundance is a state of mind. It doesn’t matter if you do and don’t believe in the law of attraction, our thoughts are energy and what we think will definitely manifest in some form. This short meditation practice helps you to shift your perspective and opens a portal to abundance into your life. Here are […]

Detox Yoga Practice

I’ve created this 25-minute Detox Yoga Practice to help purify your body and mind. I suggest doing this practice in the morning or afternoon. It can be very energetically stimulating, and you feel the digestive fires burning in the belly. On that note, it is definitely beneficial for those who suffer from IBS, constipation or […]


The “practice of yoga” is a vast, complex and multi-dimensional experience that supports our personal growth as human beings and our universal consciousness. I’ve often been blown away how the practice expands my understanding of self, pushes me to the next level, and serves a scientific tool guiding my soul to feel, see and bathe in God.  My journey […]


This article was written for Nubian Heritage!  A few weeks ago I was asked by a high school friend, “What are you doing to look so young? And, girl I know it has to be more than yoga.” In all honesty, she was correct. Looking and feeling vibrant includes a combination of things, but most […]