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Faith Hunter Wellness Academy

A premier virtual space focused on Elevating Your Soul! It includes everything from personal exploration to training programs.

Experience live and pre-recorded content designed to support your emotional and spiritual journey. It doesn't matter if you're a spiritual teacher, healing guide, or a beautiful student on your own path, Faith's digital space has what you need to grow, develop and manifest your deepest desire.

faith hunter meditation


In the stillness, clarity will come! Meditation puts us in touch with our joy, inner wisdom, and overall self-worth. Time to soften into the bliss and explore your deepest realm.

faith hunter calendar


Dive into an experience that is welcoming, soothes the soul, and inspires you to move into your greatness! Join Faith for classes, workshops, and retreats.

faith hunter yoga training


Immerse yourself in a transformational program infused with clear instruction and self-exploration. Be an inspiring instructor leading from the heart.


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